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Let us show you how we are different and why use a broker for finance.

‘How is 360 Cars different from other brokers, the banks or lenders?’ Or, ‘Why should I use a broker rather than going direct to a lender?’

Consumers and business do not have time to find the most competitive and convenient finance solutions.

360 Cars have been providing finance solutions for consumers and businesses in Australia since 2007. We have built strong relationships with some of Australia’s leading bank and non-bank lenders. Being a part of HG Holdings strengthens our buying power and allows us to access some of the industry’s lowest finance rates. We are able to offer finance rates and loan structures which are unavailable to consumers directly from the lenders.

Why use 360 Cars … or a broker for that matter?

We do the shopping for you! We compare finance rates, loans types and lending criteria from over 20 leading Australian banks and non-bank lenders.

By doing this, we reduce the time and ‘comparison confusion’ for you and save you from sourcing this information directly. Our experienced Finance Specialists know the market, the lenders and their unique processes and lending criteria. With this knowledge, we are able to narrow down the best solution for you, without multiple hits on your credit file (which could occur if you enquire at multiple institutions yourself). Learn more about How we get your best rate.

How are we different from other brokers?

360 Cars was one of the pioneers of online finance brokering services in Australia and continues to be one of the largest in the country. We have 40+ Finance Specialists, a dedicated Commercial Finance Team and 20+ Support Staff. Our team includes asset experts who know the nuances of financing an array of vehicles for consumers or businesses. Once your finance is in place, we can assist in finding the right car, SUV or 4×4.

Our Finance Specialists work in close knit teams to support our customers and workshop the best solutions. A dedicated Finance Specialist will look after you from application to settlement. If your primary contact is out of the office, an internal process is in place to ensure your application does not get left behind.

We mean it when we say ‘Come for the Rates. Stay for the Service’

We stand by our promise for you to ‘Come for the rates. Stay for the service’ and strive to achieve this on a daily basis through everything we do by committing to our ‘4 Values & Commitments’:

  • Customer Service is paramount to us
  • Our people and knowledge are our strengths
  • We provide low rate solutions for our customers now and in the future
  • We guide and reassure our customers through the entire loan process

Our values and commitments:

Customer Service is paramount!

Providing high levels of customer service to is paramount to us. We want to develop strong relationships that allows us to help our customers now and in the future as their asset needs change.

Our people and knowledge are our strengths

Our people's knowledge of asset finance and the different criteria of our leaders are some of our greatest strengths. We have subject matter experts that can assist customers with some of the more complex purchases such as Commercial, Caravans, Vintage Cars, Trucks and Industrial Equipment.

We provide low rate solutions

We strive to understand our customers needs, budget and goals then apply our expert knowledge to source each customer their best rate finance solution from one of our 20+ Australian bank and non-bank lenders.

We guide and reassure our customers

We work for our customers - not the bank or the lenders. Each customer is looked after by a dedicated Finance Specialist that will guide and reassure them through the loan process - answering any questions along the way.

Lenders We Work With

Marquarie Bank
Pepper Money
St George
Now Finance
Capital Finance
Volkswagen Finance
Commonwealth Bank
Alpha Finance
Money 3
Money Place

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